Tent Heaters 80 BTU


Indoor & Outdoor Use
$250 per day

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Product Description

80,000 BTU Tent or space heater

  • Heat outputs from 80,000 to 350,000 Btu/h
  • Versatile indoor and outdoor placement of heater
  • High volume of air output for maximum heat distribution
  • Quiet Operation
  • 20′ remote start thermostat standard
  • Totally enclosed flame, airflow safety devices and enclosed electronics
  • Rental Includes 100lbs (24 Gallons) of Propane – Approximately 12 hrs of continuous use
    (90,000 btu burns approximately 1 gal per hour of continuous use)

The Right Size Tent Heater

You have the tent, you have the tables, chairs and catering people –Now you look at the forecast and it’s gonna be COLD! You decide that the tent needs to be heated for your upcoming event to be comfortable for the guests. So what do you need to know to correctly heat the tent?

To determine the amount of heat needed for your tented event, follow this simple formula:

BTU’s of Heat needed/hour = Cubic Volume of Tent x Temp Rise Required x .25 (Insulated Factor of a Tent)


  • A tent size of 40′ x 80′ x 15′ (Average ceiling height) = 48,000 Cubic feet.
  • The forecast is 40 degrees for the low and you want to maintain 70 degrees
    inside of the tent = 30 degrees temperature rise
  • 48,000 x 30 x .25 = 360,000 BTU/hour

What happens if you are using 1 unit and something fails? Disaster! So ideally you would use 2 heaters. Using 2 heaters gives you a chance to get back up and running so that no one may even notice. And 2 sources also help distribute the heat more evenly within the tent. So for this example, we recommend using quantity (2) 170,000 BTU/hourheaters. This closely approximates the calculated heat needed.