Ballistic Swing Ride


Operator Provided
$1400 for 3 hours
$300 each additional hr


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Product Description

This fun ride will take your guests or carnival goers to new heights while they spin around and around on this classic amusement park hit. This ride seats up to 16 people at a time. Trailer mounted and set up in 20 Minutes. This ride requires a 50ft. clear radius for operation. Approximately 15ft. high. Fun Source provides an operator for this unit. This is the best money maker you can rent if you have a large event. This ride holds 8 rider at a time and the typical charge is three dollars per rider. NOTE: THE SWING RIDE IS A SPECIALTY ITEM EXCLUSIVELY RENTED TO THOSE CUSTOMERS WHO RENT OUR INFLATABLES. THIS ITEM IS NOT AVAILABLE TO THOSE CUSTOMERS RENTING EQUIPMENT FROM OTHER COMPANIES. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.