Mind Winder


Operator Provided
$1400 for 3 hours
$300 each additional hr.


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Product Description

The Mind Winder is an extremely good way to raise money and it is also super fun for ages 3 to adult. The Mind Winder will hold up to 16 people at a time and the typical charge per ride is $2.00. There are 8 tubs per ride which totals 16 riders per ride. That is $32 every 5 to 7 minutes equaling $400 per hour. WOW!!! If you have a full 5 hours of riding that is a profit of $2000.We provide an operator with this piece to help with loading and unloading. NOTE: THE MIND WINDER IS A SPECIALTY ITEM EXCLUSIVELY RENTED TO THOSE CUSTOMERS WHO RENT OUR INFLATABLES. THIS ITEM IS NOT AVAILABLE TO THOSE CUSTOMERS RENTING EQUIPMENT FROM OTHER COMPANIES. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.