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Product Description

Cocktail tables are great to use near the bar for your guests to stand around and talk comfortably.  They can also be used where space is limited.  Typically up to four guests can stand around a standard cocktail table.  These tables do require the use of a linen. There are 2 lengths of linens that can be used to make your cocktail table look elegant or refined. The first is the hourglass look which requires a 132″ round linen. The hourglass look requires a tie or sash to pull the linen close to the table leg giving the table the look you are after. The 2nd look you can do with your cocktail table is the free flowing look which requires a 120″ linen. Fun Source has linens of all sorts available from the standard poly/cotton blend to satin prints. Please feel free to call us and speak with our tent, table and chair experts to let us give you ideas and help you with your linen needs.