Bungee Bullride


20’W x 20’W x 10’H
$450 per day

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Product Description

Remember the old mechanical bulls from the 1970s? Guys would swagger on up to the bull to prove who was the toughest! Those bulls are no longer around, but we have the perfect safe replacement bull! This high-adrenaline item is a large, aluminum bull padded with foam and black vinyl, complete with horns and a very bad attitude! Suspended above an inflated pad by bungee cords, this bull bucks with the best of them. See who can stay on the longest! This game is popular for all ages, from little kids up to the youthful grandparents among us. Four participants operate pulleys controlling the bungee cords, giving the rider a (probably brief!) wild ride! Just dont make the bull mad… The Bungee Bullride requires a dedicated 110V, 20amp household outlet. The Bungee Bullride requires 1 blower. Fun Source is not responsible for power, however we do rent generators should you need a power source.