Asked Questions

We hope this information is helpful and will answer any questions you may have. If you can’t find your answer here, please feel free to contact us:

(205) 854-2022

What Is Our Mailing Address?

P.O. Box 284, Gardendale, AL 35071

What Does My Rental Price Include?

Delivery to your specific event location in the Jefferson County area. Any delivery out of the Jefferson County area is possibly subject to a delivery charge depending on the size of the order.

Does Fun Source Deliver Out of State?

Yes. Fun Source is available to travel out of state (Southeast) for your event, however the minimum order is $1200.00 and it has to be an in-week event. Sunday through Thursday. Call us for details. In most cases we will work something out.

What Is the Length of Time for the Rental of Each Piece of Equipment?

Pricing is based on an all day rental, not to exceed 8pm. If a pick-up time of later than 8pm is needed it must be arranged in advance. Fun Source does have several pieces of equipment that are based on an hourly rate. Our customer service rep will notify you of this when you call to place your order.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Reserve A Rental?

Find out the dimensions of your space and make sure the equipment you are renting will fit your space.

Keep in mind what the power requirements of your rental are. Most of the items we carry require electricity to run. Make sure you have a power outlet that is easily accessible. You can also opt to rent a generator from us for your event (separate rental fee). Fun Source is not responsible for power for your event. Power cords should not be longer than 100 feet. If you have power issues, then we recommend renting a generator. The blowers for the inflatables are on the back of the units, so try to position your inflatables in a way that keeps the extension cords to the back of the units. This will help avoid tripping hazards.

You need a relatively level surface either on grass or concrete for set-up. Fun Source will not set-up an inflatable on sand or dirt. This causes extremely long cleanup time of our equipment after your event is finished. No volleyball courts, beaches, dirt infields etc…

How Do I Make and Confirm My Reservation?

Choose the pieces of equipment you would like to have and call the office to check the availability for your chosen date. If the equipment is available, reservations can be made over the phone. Fun Source requires a 30% retainer fee due within 10 days of order placement to secure your equipment. This retainer fee will be deducted from your total bill and the balance is due on delivery. Retainer fees can be mailed to Fun Source or we can accept visa/mc.

What If I Cancel My Event?

Retainer Fees are nonrefundable if you cancel your event. Fun Source will extend a credit to you for a future rental. When we receive a retainer fee, it tells us at Fun Source “we want the equipment” therefore the equipment is taken out of our inventory for that day and can not be re-rented.

What Happens If It Rains the Day of My Event?

Most of our equipment can be set inside a gym or rec. center. Fun Source will allow you to apply your retainer fee to a future rental or reschedule your current event. The retainer fee guarantees that we hold the equipment for your event only. Therefore, we cannot refund your fee should you cancel due to rain.

What Should I Know Before Renting Equipment for A Fundraiser?

If planned properly, a carnival can raise substantial amounts of money for a group or charity in a very short period of time. To review our helpful tips when planning a fundraiser, click here.

Does Fun Source Have Insurance?

Fun Source is fully insured. Proof of insurance can be faxed to your event location upon request.

Why will Fun Source NOT Set-Up with Uninsured Competitors?

If you rent mechanical rides or higher-priced inflatables from Fun Source, please be advised that we will NOT set up our equipment if there are inflatables from another company also present at the event. In addition, any and all retainer fees or deposits that were paid to Fun Source will be forfeited by the renter. NO EXCEPTIONS. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you rent inflatables from both Fun Source and a competitor, please be advised that the competitor’s equipment must be properly secured with stakes or sand bags as well. If we arrive and see a safety problem with the competitor’s equipment, we will not set-up our equipment until the competitors equipment is either removed or properly secured. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! This is for your safety and ours.

BE SURE YOUR RENTAL COMPANY HAS PROOF OF INSURANCE!!! Fun Source has liability Insurance with Allied Insurance Company. We have complete insurance on every piece of our inventory not just some of our equipment. One of the tricks rental companies will use is to tell the insurance company they only have one moonwalk or slide etc… thereby lowering their insurance expenditure, however, when an accident occurs the insurance company will find out that the rental company has more than one inflatable and their insurance will be null and void.