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Recently I wanted to take my two sons canoeing down the Cahaba River with some friends, but I really didn’t want to buy a canoe. I began to look around for that company like Fun Source that rents camping equipment to those individuals that just wants to spend a weekend a year camping with the famility… To my surprise there were no rental companies in Birmingham that catered to the

Fun Source now Rents Camping Equipment

camping crowd. So I thought, Fun Source is the premier fun rental company in Alabama, why not add this to our catalog of fun equipment? We at Fun Source Party Rentals want to be your one stop shop when you think party or family fun. Rentals are our business and within one month camping rentals will be available at Fun Source. We will be renting flat bottom canoes, tents, quality sleeping bags, pop-up campers and most camping accessories. Please let us know if there is a camping item that you feel would be valuable in our inventory.

Since Disney came out with their new smash movie “The Princess and the Frog” , our phones have rang off the hook asking about it’s availability. Fun Source is the number one inflatable, ride and birthday party rental company in the state of Alabama because we make every attempt to stock the latest cutting edge items. Well you asked, and we

The New Disney's Princess and the Frog Moonwalk

 answered… “The Princess and the Frog” moonwalk will be available for rent starting Tuesday, July 6th.  This is the first African American Disney princess and we have her. Plan way in advance for this item as it will be hard to come by.