Cutting the Cost of Your Child’s Unbelievable Birthday Party

With today’s economy all of us parents are trying to watch our pennies, but the one thing that we will not skimp on is our children’s birthday parties. Fun Source Rentals has a couple of ideas for parents to save a little money when it comes to planning the party but still have a party your child will remember for a lifetime. 

Fun Source Party Rentals

Saving Costs on party rentals

Idea # 1
Have a joint Birthday Party — On the surface this may seem a bit unorthodox but keep in mind that this will cut your expenses in half. For example, if you rent a $250 Fun Source waterslide it cuts your expense to $125. Although the party is a joint party,  that doesn’t mean that you have to actually have the party together. We have had several customers over the years that have rented equipment and separated the parties into a morning party and an afternoon party… all you need is a central location. The central location can be a church gym, cul-de-sac, park or any location that would serve two parties. Don’t know anyone with a birthdate close to your child’s? that’s easy… just post it on facebook. You would be surprised how many people you know that have a child about to have a birthday.

Idea #2Charge to come to the party- I know, I know.. You’re thinking CHARGE!!! yes charge. This is a great idea for middle & high schoolers. Let me tell you a brief story. Several years ago we had a customer with a teenage son. The son asked for a laptop for his birthday but the parents were unable to afford one at that time. The son told his parents, “If you will rent me a Velcro Wall for my birthday then I will pay for my own laptop”. The boy gave out flyers to his middle school classmates inviting them to a huge bash… He told them to bring $20 each to cover food and entertainment. At the end of the night, his dad told me he raised $850.

When it comes to party planning costs, think outside of the Party box. Think Fun Source Rentals


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