Christmas event rentals

Fun Source Christmas event rentals

Every year companies, churches and families celebrate the holidays by getting together to share the season. These holiday parties can be difficult at best to put together, requiring copious amounts of time to organize and coordinate. What type of decorations should we use; do we have enough tables and chairs, should we use a dance floor or a band? Fun Source Rentals ( is the only call you should make to plan your party. Fun Source carries a whole line of Christmas rentals including lighting, Christmas trees, heated tents, tables & chairs, Linens, dance floors, staging, photo booths and more. We can even help you if you need a Christmas band to get the party really going. Call Fun Source Rentals and speak to one of our event planners to see how Fun Source can take all the stress out of your holiday party at a 20% discount for the holiday season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for discounts at Fun Source Rentals!

Fun Source Party Rentals Birthday Layaway Plan

Make your event the largest ever, and take up to a year to pay for it.

It may sound crazy but a layaway plan for a birthday party, wedding, family reunion, grand opening or charity event is a great way to be organized and plan to make your event a success. At, we hear it all the time, “I would love to have the 32′ Roaring River Waterslide, but I just don’t have the money for it”, or “we are on a set budget for our wedding”. Planning ahead for your event just got easier with Fun Source’s new “Birthday Party Layaway Plan”. This is how it works: say you want to throw your child the largest Birthday Party of their life, one they will remember until their old and gray… No problem, just book the items with Fun Source up to a year in advance and we will carry the note until the big day. This allows you to pay monthly, direct debit, or come in and pay when you have extra funds. Planning a wedding that requires tents, tables, chairs, dance floors etc? The Fun Source layaway plan is your ticket to an organized and paid for perfect event, because If the event is paid for, then you have no worries just before your big day. Another advantage of the layaway plan is that Fun Source can take deposits on your event from multiple sources allowing guests, family members or anyone who wants to contribute to add funds to you account. Just call us at our office 205-854-2022 to get all the details or check out our Facebook page at for more information.

So your going to have a birthday party and your looking at your local indoor party place to help you out… well, you may want to look at other options. Fun Source Party Rentals ( is a Birmingham, Alabama based party rental company that specializes in all types of party rentals including birthday party rentals, and we are going to be comparing the indoor party facility vs. individual party rentals in this blog posting. Indoor party rental facilities limit the number of guests you can have at your party and additional kids can be very costly. Whereas, a party rental company allows you to have an unlimited number of guests. The cost of renting from Fun Source in many cases is half the cost of an indoor facility. Indoor party facilities also limit the time of your party, restricting your birthday to one hour on the inflatables. Fun Source Party Rentals inflatable rentals are for all day.  Whether your party is at a park, church or your home, renting an attraction from Fun Source allows your birthday child and their guest to play all day on the attractions. In addition, the advantage of renting from a party rental company is the selection of items available. Indoor facilities limit your choices of attractions, Fun Source has over 300 items to choose from. Don’t have a yard to set-up in? Birmingham is full of parks for your party and most are unbelievably inexpensive. Another advantage of renting from Fun Source is that Fun Source has waterslides which are not available at indoor facilities and offer the kids an amazing amount of wet fun for blistering hot summer days. When it’s time for your child’s birthday party, there is no comparison… Fun Source Party Rentals is the only choice.

Fun Source rents too many different types of events including weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, tailgating parties, carnivals and grand openings. Recently Fun Source has had several events where the customer did not plan for crowd control. The following is a list of three tips for crowd control and barrier control that will help you when planning your carnival, grand opening, showcase event or black Friday sale

Line for Rides, Carnival Rides

Not so Formed line

1) If you have rides and large crowds, you really need barriers for line formation. This will avoid children or adults jumping in line and causing problems with your guests. When there are no clear line-up markings or barriers, people tend to congregate at the entrance to your attraction causing confusion as to who was at the entrance first. Fun Source Party Rentals carries retractable barriers that eliminate this problem.
2) Leave space for people to congregate away from your attractions. Many times the person in charge of the event makes a master layout of the event placing the rental items in a circle or semi-circle attempting to stay close to a power or water source, this can cause serious issues by not allowing adequate spacing for lines to the attractions to form. If necessary rent a generator to save you the trouble of equipment to close together.
3) If you see your event is close to ending, keep in mind that your event attendees will not take this into consideration. People will continue to get in line for an attraction even after the event has ended if allowed too and this will cause disgruntled guests when lines are cut off;  plan in advance to end line entrance allowing time for line completion to avoid this problem. Fun Source Party Rentals rents several types of line barriers as well as event barriers to help with crowd control. Fun Source has an event coordinator on staff to help you with these items.

Best 4th of July event in Birmingham

18th Street South, Homewood, Al 35209

For the past 8-10 years, Fun Source Rentals has had the privilege to be associated with numerous wonderful 4th of July events. Many cities, churches and organizations put on spectacular firework shows and fun for the family; however, if you plan to come to fireworks on the mountain in Birmingham, there is one place that tops them all… The catch is, no one knows about it. On the backside of Red Mountain there is a street that is rich in quaint little stores, coffee shops, art galleries and friendly people. It is on this street where 4th of July has come alive for Fun Source Rentals over the past few years. The street is 18th St South in the heart of the city of Homewood. Set on a slight hill, 18th Street South offers the perfect unobstructed viewing area for the city of Birmingham’s fireworks on the mountain. The city of Homewood offers rides and games for the kids as well as the antiques and coffees for the parents leading up to the fireworks display. It is truly a relaxing event with great people to share it with. 18th Street is perfect for a blanket with your kids or a lawn chair for your parents and in my opinion — it is the best kept 4th of July secret in the city of Birmingham. Just a word of warning though, in order to get the best seat, get there early as festivities start around 5:30pm and end when the fireworks start.

The following video is a complete instruction of how to make cotton candy using a standard cotton candy machine.  Fun Source Rentals,, is your complete party, corporate, wedding, tent, or carnival rental equipment source. Please call Fun Source Rentals, 205-854-2022 for all your party rental needs.

Unanchored Slide Blows Away

Don't Go With a Cheap Company

It still amazes me that customers would try to save $10-$15 dollars by going with a company that has no track record for safety. Recently there has been a rash of party rentals going bad because of inexperienced companies improperly setting up equipment. Fun Source has been in business for 17 years during which time we have seen companies come and go, however we have become one of the largest rental companies in the state. The reason customers come back to Fun Source time and time again is because those who have used our company know 1) we provide clean and excellent working equipment 2) safety is our primary and main concern including proper anchoring, inspection and customer instruction. (If a Fun Source Rentals representative is found to improperly secure a piece of equipment he will be releaved of his duties immediatly… this is how serious Fun Source takes safety) 3) We are professional and when you call you get us, even when its on the weekend 4) We carry insurance to protect you the customer. Most small companies work out of their basement and are not insured properly leaving you, your school, church, city or organization exposed.  Think twice before you try to save $10.. There is a reason why they are $10 cheaper. Party Rental Safety is most important know who you are renting from!!! Check Out this video to see what happens when you go with an unproven company… SAFETY IS MOST IMPORTANT!!!

Recently I wanted to take my two sons canoeing down the Cahaba River with some friends, but I really didn’t want to buy a canoe. I began to look around for that company like Fun Source that rents camping equipment to those individuals that just wants to spend a weekend a year camping with the famility… To my surprise there were no rental companies in Birmingham that catered to the

Fun Source now Rents Camping Equipment

camping crowd. So I thought, Fun Source is the premier fun rental company in Alabama, why not add this to our catalog of fun equipment? We at Fun Source Party Rentals want to be your one stop shop when you think party or family fun. Rentals are our business and within one month camping rentals will be available at Fun Source. We will be renting flat bottom canoes, tents, quality sleeping bags, pop-up campers and most camping accessories. Please let us know if there is a camping item that you feel would be valuable in our inventory.

I know this is a Fun Source Rentals Party Blog (, but I feel I must repost this content that I found on David Feddes blog at  In the party rental industry we see so many people trying so hard to have a good time and forget about the troubles of life. I myself am guilty of this… always looking at the next big thing, starting Monday already dreaming of Saturday. Yep!!! I am guilty of this… maybe you are to. Maybe you are unsatisfied with your job, marriage, kids, physical condition, financial status and the list goes on and on…. I recently read this blog post  and although it’s not party related, it touched my soul and made me evaluate my attitude. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

There’s an old saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.“ Why is that? Why does it look so much more appealing to be in some other situation than the one you’re in? Well, the answer is simple. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence because the grass on the other side of the fence isn’t grass at all; it’s artificial turf. It looks greener than green, but it’s not real. It’s fake. A cow that leaves its grassy pasture for that greener—than—green carpet across the fence will end up with a mouthful of plastic and a big bellyache. One of the surest ways to miss out on happiness is to be so busy looking across the fence at unreal fantasies that you never enjoy what’s right under your nose.

 For some of us, the other side of the fence is the future. We’re waiting for some future event to make us happy. If you’re a student, you tell yourself, “Life isn’t much fun right now, but once I graduate and spread my wings, then I’ll be happy.“ Once you finish school, you say, “I’m not very happy yet—but I will be if only I meet the right person and fall in love.“ Once you’re married, you say, “I’m not happy, but I will be once I get a better job and a nicer house.“ Once you have the house and the job, you say, “I’m too busy to really enjoy life, but once the kids move out and I retire, I’ll relax and have a good time and enjoy life.“ And once you retire, you find that the green grass of the golf course isn’t enough to make you truly happy. Eventually health problems come. You’re not as young as you once were. You don’t have as much energy, and various ailments of old age start to hit you. You find yourself going to more and more funerals of friends and relatives. You find that you’re no longer waiting for some future change to make you happy.

 Instead, you start looking back. When you get old, the other side of the fence with all the green grass is the past. You look back to the good old days: “If only I could be young again! If only I had all that excitement and energy! If only I could go back to those carefree school days when life was so much simpler! If only I could have that thrill of first love all over again! If only the children were small again—they were so cute back then! If only I could have a job instead of being retired and useless!“ And so it goes. We spend much of life longing for a future that won’t make us as happy as we think, and we spend the rest of our life longing for a past that wasn’t as happy as we now imagine it was.

 Instead of always looking ahead or looking back, try looking up! Focus on God. Trust him. Stop looking at the grass on the other side of the fence, whether it’s the past or the future. You can’t find satisfaction chewing artificial turf. Get real. Learn to make the most of life by looking to the Lord Jesus and trusting him as your good shepherd. Listen to the famous words of Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.“

 Without the Lord Jesus as your shepherd, you won’t find satisfaction in his green pastures. That’s the main point of the Bible book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes shows again and again that unless God fills us, we’re bound to be restless and empty. It tells how even the rich and powerful, people who achieve much and party hearty, come up empty if they do it without a vibrant connection with God. The final part of Ecclesiastes is an appeal to relish life as God’s gift and to base everything on a relationship to the Lord.

 Life is a precious gift. Ecclesiastes 11:7—8 says, “Light is sweet, and it pleases the eyes to see the sun. However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them all.“ So be positive! Don’t waste your life worrying: “What if my grades aren’t good enough? What if I can’t find a good job? What if I can’t find the right person to marry?“ What if, what if, what if! What if you stopped worrying over all those what ifs? What if you simply notice how sweet and pleasant life can be and decide to enjoy each moment of life as God’s gift?

With today’s economy all of us parents are trying to watch our pennies, but the one thing that we will not skimp on is our children’s birthday parties. Fun Source Rentals has a couple of ideas for parents to save a little money when it comes to planning the party but still have a party your child will remember for a lifetime. 

Fun Source Party Rentals

Saving Costs on party rentals

Idea # 1
Have a joint Birthday Party — On the surface this may seem a bit unorthodox but keep in mind that this will cut your expenses in half. For example, if you rent a $250 Fun Source waterslide it cuts your expense to $125. Although the party is a joint party,  that doesn’t mean that you have to actually have the party together. We have had several customers over the years that have rented equipment and separated the parties into a morning party and an afternoon party… all you need is a central location. The central location can be a church gym, cul-de-sac, park or any location that would serve two parties. Don’t know anyone with a birthdate close to your child’s? that’s easy… just post it on facebook. You would be surprised how many people you know that have a child about to have a birthday.

Idea #2Charge to come to the party- I know, I know.. You’re thinking CHARGE!!! yes charge. This is a great idea for middle & high schoolers. Let me tell you a brief story. Several years ago we had a customer with a teenage son. The son asked for a laptop for his birthday but the parents were unable to afford one at that time. The son told his parents, “If you will rent me a Velcro Wall for my birthday then I will pay for my own laptop”. The boy gave out flyers to his middle school classmates inviting them to a huge bash… He told them to bring $20 each to cover food and entertainment. At the end of the night, his dad told me he raised $850.

When it comes to party planning costs, think outside of the Party box. Think Fun Source Rentals

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